Giacobbo Micro Engineering
Electronics, Software & Digital Signal Processing

National Instruments LabVIEW Programming since 1996.
- Graphical Object Oriented Programming GOOP. Better maintainability, scalability and reusability.
- Graphical FPGA Programming. Extremely fast real-time devices and accelerated development time.

High Performance Industrial / Aerospatial / Medical Product Developments.
- Digital Signal Processing. Data Acquisition, Filtering, Dynamic Resampling, special Algorithms.
- High precision FPGA Motor Control.
- Software: Assembler, C / C++, Java, LabVIEW, Networking, IoT.
- Hardware development and production: Rugged Real-Time Embedded Systems, Sensors, Actuators.

Production and Reselling of Industrial Computer Equipment.
- Windows Embedded IoT Industrial Devices and Peripherals. Microsoft Embedded OEM selling point.
Boris Giacobbo Giacobbo Micro Engineering
Boris GIACOBBO, Dipl. Ing. Micro. EPFL
Ch. de la Prairie 16
CH - 1723 Marly

Phone: +41 26 436 10 13